sōmi was founded from, and began with a desire to see a change in our current environment and our planet. With climate change and plastic pollution on a rise, we want to make a difference and provide an alternative to plastic bottles. 


During my second year of university, I decided to go on exchange and live abroad in Singapore. That was the best decision I could have ever taken in my life and brought so many amazing memories and experiences. During my travels I was able to see the impact plastic pollution was taking on our planet especially the effects of tourism on the environment - from snorkeling and seeing plastic in the beautiful beaches of Bali to climbing mountains and coming across tourists tossing their garbage on the ground. It was sad seeing these beautiful places full of plastic and garbage.  

After coming back home from being away for half a year, I felt inspired to begin a sustainable lifestyle and find ways to reduce plastic waste in my own personal life. My mom and I became curious on what alternatives and switches we could make to have a more eco-friendly daily routine. From then, we decided to begin making our own skincare products so we actually knew all the ingredients going into the daily products we were using. Additionally, we knew some changes had to be made in our shower routines so we ventured into soap making. Coming from a Mexican household, using wild plants and herbs is very common and so we wanted to bring that into the different types of products we were making for ourselves. We fell in love with the craftsmanship of designing and formulating soap bars to our liking with different plants and oils that were nourishing to our bodies. It was even relaxing and brought a sense of meditation for us. We then wanted to dig deeper and decided to formulate our own shampoo and conditioner bars. By finding the best quality oil to the best plants and herbs, we loved the shampoos and conditioners formulated for our hair.

....And then sōmi was born! We wanted to share our products with everyone and help others begin a sustainable journey one step at a time.  We want to connect people back to nature and realize the importance of taking care of our planet.green heart cute hearts emoji apple imoji applemoji...

At sōmi, we are proud to be Latina woman owned and founded. We love making our products and hope you love them as well! 

Maria, Founder